Healthy Food - Healthy Practices

 When Maddy became the manager of our Gastown location she immediately made it her goal to make Nuba as sustainable as possible. Sourcing local, low-impact foods has always been a mandate here, but she took it one step further to reduce our footprint. A composting program was immediately put in place, which included switching to biodegradable napkins, straws, and takeout containers. On top of that, she took all the pop off-tap and we now use Sodastream. (Aside from reducing waste by using refillable containers, an added benefit of Sodastream is that all their pop has zero sodium and preservatives.) With these changes, Nuba's Gastown location reduced its waste by 90% and we're hoping to get all our other locations up to this level in the next year. Nuba: healthy eating and healthy practices!  

The Tiffin Project x Nuba - Eat Better, Save Money, and Support Local Farmers

  Nuba is a proud partner in the Tiffin Project. Founded by chef Hunter J Moyes, The Tiffin Project aims to your yearly takeout waste, and help you help the local growers whose food you love with proceeds from the containers’ sales. Donate $25 to receive a re-usable to go container and bring it to Nuba to receive a 10% discount on food. Even better, $4 from your donation goes towards The Tiffin Project Fund, which aims at re-localizing restaurants’ menus. The process of re-localization involves getting more people to consume more locally-grown produce more often. When restaurants source more of their ingredients from local producers, those relationships are usually called farm-to-table relationships— food from far away is less environmentally friendly than local food. The more money they raise, the more local produce they’re able to subsidize. With your help, this process has the power to become a recipe for the re-localization of Vancouver’s food system, while reducing its overall environmental footprint at the same time!