Nuba: helping you keep your New Year's resolutions

  Happy 2016! It’s a new year and with that come resolutions to get healthy, which none of you have had any problems keeping up to this point in early/mid-January. But in case you’re strapped for a few ideas on what to eat to help you stay the course, allow us to reacquaint you with some of our more popular dishes that are appetizing and packed full of nutrition!   Mjadra Mjadra is a dish that’s steeped in history and can actually be traced back to middle ages. Simple and delicious, it consists of green lentils, sliced onions, brown rice, jalapenos, and a mixture of middle eastern spices. We stew them all together and then top it off with crispy onions and avocado. It’s one of our most loved dishes and, conveniently, also one of our healthiest as it was recently named one of the best dishes you can order in Vancouver by the St Paul’s Hospital Healthy Heart Program. So next time you’re at Nuba, be sure to give Mjadra a try and experience firsthand why it’s been making people healthy and happy for 1000 years!  

Falafel Plate for lunch!

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  Falafel Our falafel comes from a secret recipe that has been passed down for generations. Made daily with fresh, organic chickpeas, fava beans, veggies and spices, it is loaded with nutrition and will give you the energy you need to make it through a long day.  

Fattoush Salad Our trademark salad. Made with organic greens, tomato, cucumber, green onion, chickpeas and carrots with a garlic lemon-herb dressing and toasted pita chips, our Fattoush salad is healthy and filling. We recommend enjoying it with one of our fresh-squeezed juices.  

Overcast days call for a bowl of our vegan lentil soup. Thanks for sharing, @emlittlenomad!

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  Lentil Soup As a side or on its own, you can't how wrong with our vegan lentil soup. Not only will it warm you up on a cold winter day, the lentil is pretty much the perfect food from a taste and health standpoint.


On the Menu: Pan-Seared Halloumi Cheese

 Needless to say, halloumi is delicious—what cheese isn't, really? However, what makes this Cypriot goat cheese special is that it has a high melting point, which gives it a pleasant texture and makes it perfect for grilling. The plating differs at every Nuba, but at our Kitsilano location, as pictured above, it is served in a cast-iron skillet. The cheese is pan-seared with garlic chips, sliced tomato, pickled mushrooms, and pistachios. It's then drizzled with our a house-made pomegranate dressing and topped with fresh mint. It's one of our more popular dishes and we think you'll see why if you order it next time you come to Nuba. So, what are you waiting for, join the hallouminati!