Nuba Proudly Supports the Vancouver Queer Film Festival

 Attention cinema lovers: the lights will dim and the curtain will raise for the Vancouver Queer Festival on Thursday, August 13 and run until Sunday, August 23. Celebrating the best in independent queer cinema, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival is our city's second largest film festival and the largest queer arts event in Western Canada. In addition to great movies, the festival also hosts a variety of performances, workshops, panels, and parties, facilitating a unique community space for 11 days. This year, the festival boasts over 30 films that illuminate the transformative moments in the lives of queer people, which means there are over 30 opportunities to munch on popcorn while enjoying cinema the way it was meant to: in a theatre. (Besides, you've already burned through season 3 of Orange is the New Black... in one sitting.)

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