USA Today names Nuba best restaurant for lunch in Vancouver

 Recently Nuba was featured by USA Today on a list of the best places for lunch in Vancouver. Nuba earned the top spot, among a list of many other outstanding places worth checking out, and the writer has this to say:  

For something healthful and bursting with flavor, Nuba Restaurant is the place to go. From pitas and plates with your choice of vegetarian, vegan or meat options to soups and salads; there's something for all dietary needs here. Gluten free? They've got you covered.

Nuba is one of Vancouver's favorite gems and has built a cult following, leading to its expansion across the city. Everything from the hummus, baba ghanouj, falafel, pitas and main plates are mouth watering and fabulous. Each item on the menu is very reasonably priced and made from quality. The West Hastings restaurant is a very popular lunch location amongst the business district workers. Dinner is no exception and is always packed with people waiting to get their Lebanese fix from Nuba. Each of their locations is equally delicious; so don't be shy to give any of the properties a shot.

  View the list here   And when you're done clicking through that, come on by Nuba for lunch!