Meet Our Local Food Suppliers: Left Coast Naturals

 At Nuba we pride ourselves on a farm to table approach, and work with the best suppliers that align with our principles. Using local, organic suppliers whenever possible, we seek out the freshest ingredients and handpick them daily. The end result is us providing you with the highest quality food at the best value possible while supporting the local economy. Over the coming weeks we’re going to start introducing you to a few of them…   Left Coast Naturals Our delicious hummus is forever indebted to the good people at Left Coast Naturals. They believe that food made right can make the world a better place and we couldn’t agree more. What started as two friends selling nut butters at a local market has grown to distribute 27 brands, over 200 organic and natural bulk foods, and manufacture three of our own brands: Skeet & Ike’s, Hippie Foods, and Left Coast Bulk Foods. Along the way, they’ve never forgotten that their commitment is not just to making great food and serving their customers, but also to doing it in an ethical and environmentally responsible way. @leftcoastfoods