Special Promotion: Free Sangria with Bedouin Cabaret Ticket Purchase

 Oh do we ever have a summer treat for you! Purchase two tickets in advance for Bedouin Cabaret, which happens every Thursday, and you'll receive a complimentary carafe of sangria!   Our sangria is made from fresh-squeezed, organic fruit and is 100% not from concentrate. It contains red wine (we also have a white wine version) and triple sec. We then add orange juice and pomegranate syrup, which we make in-house, a splash of Seven and some soda. It’s then sprinkled with cinnamon and garnished with slices of fresh cut fruit. The end result is a delicious drink that’s too sweet and has a pleasant citrus kick. Perfect summer drink? We’d like to think so.   Bedouin Cabaret happens every Thursday at Nuba in Kits