17th Annual Golden Plates Awards in the Georgia Straight

 Once again, it's that time of year for the Georgia Straight's Golden Plates Awards. Over the years Nuba has done extremely well in the annual survey of Vancouver's best restaurants thanks mostly to you and partly to our dedicated team of hackers. We humbly ask that you take a moment to cast a vote for your favourite group of Lebanese restaurants in Vancouver (hint: it's Nuba).   It's a rather daunting ballot with 165 categories, but you only need to fill out 30 of them to have your vote count. So if you get stuck on ones like Best Casino For Eats or Best Restaurant For Watching The Game, best to not think about it too hard and just nominate Nuba. You have until Friday, February 5 to place your votes and as an added bonus for filling out a ballot, you'll be entered to win a ton of great prizes. Thank you for your support!   Click here for the Golden Plates ballot