Meet a Member of the Nuba Team – Andrew Zeleny

  Meet a member of the Nuba team! Andrew is a waiter at our Gastown location.  

My name is... Andrew Z.

At Nuba I... work as a waiter, mostly at lunchtime, which is my favourite meal of the day.

My super power is...

the ability to fly.

When I'm not at Nuba I...

am usually outside with friends snowboarding and biking or hanging out in parks and beaches.

The last book I read was… The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

My dream Jeopardy category is…

"Words that End with Y".

My favourite things to do with an out-of-town guest are...

to bike the seawall, go hiking, take them to Whistler, hit the beaches, go for late night strolls in Gastown, and, most of all, share Nuba with them.

My signature dance move is...

The Shopping Cart.

I never leave home without... my pants.

When I'm eating at Nuba I order... a side of Mjadra, with a bit of rice and potatoes, a chicken skewer, and lots and lots of pickles and hot sauce. I literally do shots of hot sauce. It's SO GOOD!