Meet a Member of the Nuba Team – Francesca Belcourt

  Meet a member of the Nuba team! Francesca works at our Gastown location by day and is a talented, young musician by night.  

My name is... Francesca Belcourt.

At Nuba I... make a huge mess, then clean it all up. In between, I make everyone delicious fresh juice and coffee.

My super power is...

manifesting my destiny.

When I'm not at Nuba I...

am writing, recording, producing, and performing bangin' tunes!

The last book I read was… Just Kids by Patti Smith.

My dream Jeopardy category is…

"West Coast sea life".

My favourite thing to do with an out-of-town guest is...

bring them to surreal, illegal dance parties and feed them coconut buns from New Town.

My signature dance move is...

the baby dance.

I never leave home without... a poetry book, lol.

When I'm eating at Nuba I order... as much as the chefs will give me! Listen to Francesca's new album here