On the Menu: Pan-Seared Halloumi Cheese

 Needless to say, halloumi is delicious—what cheese isn't, really? However, what makes this Cypriot goat cheese special is that it has a high melting point, which gives it a pleasant texture and makes it perfect for grilling. The plating differs at every Nuba, but at our Kitsilano location, as pictured above, it is served in a cast-iron skillet. The cheese is pan-seared with garlic chips, sliced tomato, pickled mushrooms, and pistachios. It's then drizzled with our a house-made pomegranate dressing and topped with fresh mint. It's one of our more popular dishes and we think you'll see why if you order it next time you come to Nuba. So, what are you waiting for, join the hallouminati!