Sunday Morning Yoga and Brunch at Nuba in Kits - June 30

 Join us at Nuba on Sunday, June 30 for Morning Yoga and Brunch with Whit Hornsberger of Soul Arch Yoga. Yoga will take place from 10:30am till 11:30am with a healthy, vegan and gluten-free brunch to follow.


About Whit Hornsberger Whit discovered yoga after tearing his ACL in his final year playing basketball for the University of Calgary. It was a devastating end to his athletic career as he’d always dreamed of playing professionally. That disappointing turn of events led to a two-and-a-half-year global journey of self-inquiry and introspection. His teaching style derives from that inquiry and is laden with the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and compassion that were paramount to his healing. As a teacher, his intention is to create an experiential learning environment, whereby everyone feels welcomed and accepted. For only when we accept ourselves exactly as we are, can we then begin to change. Whit looks forward to meeting you on the mat!   Brunch Menu This healthy, gluten-free, and vegan wake-up plate includes Mjadra (lentil stew with crispy onion), avocado, sautéed spinach, mushroom, and peppers. Served with potatoes and tomato. A non-vegan option includes Dukkah crusted eggs and house made lamb bacon.   Brunch includes your choice of 6oz fresh juice or coffee or tea.   Cost $25 per person (Vegan) $30 per person (Meat)   Reservation and 50% deposit required. Call Nuba in Kitsilano at 604.336.1797 or visit in person to make your reservation.