Nuba Proudly Supports Run For Water

 Nuba is proudly sponsoring Scotty Robinson—who will be participating in Run For Water's 55km Ultra Marathon on May 25. Run For Water is an Abbotsford-based nonprofit society dedicated to staging high-calibre running events. The members of Run For Water Society share the goal of promoting healthy physical activity and community spirit as well as raising funds for clean water development in under-privileged communities in association with HOPE International. Your donations will help the people in the Koshale village in southern Ethiopia. Currently, the families in Koshale retrieve their water from a highly contaminated water source that is a three to five hours walk away. Sixty percent of the children in this community do not attend school, primarily due to poor health and the daily need to collect water. There is currently poor sanitation, limited knowledge of how to maintain good health and an astonishingly high rate of waterborne diseases, particularly amongst the children. Your donations will change this village!  

Sponsor Scotty's staggering 55km runs along Abbotsford's Discovery Trail here