Meet a Member the Nuba Team - Joy Mullen

Meet a member of the Nuba team! Joy programs the live music at our Kitsilano location which happens every Thursday.  

Hello my name is...

Joy Mullen.

At Nuba I... always leave with a crush on one of the staff.

My super power is...

being smart, witty, and sexy when I drink whiskey.

When I'm not at Nuba I am... working at an amazing jazz club or touring with beautiful musicians playing great music.

The last book I read was… The Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson

My dream Jeopardy category is… Astrology or Herbal Teas.

My favourite thing to with an out-of-town guest is... hang out at my apartment and listen to records, and make them a big yummy breakfast in the morning.

My signature dance move is... drinking whiskey and smiling.

I never leave home without... my lipstick and cell phone.

When I'm eating at Nuba I order... I love all the delicious fresh juice cocktails!